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Acupressure therapy is an ancient treatment procedure, practiced in many parts of the world. Acupressure treatment is based on science and not by any hypothetical logics. Hundreds of reflexology or pressure points are located from top to bottom on our body. They are mostly and densely present on feet, palms, spine and along with meridians which is like network though our body. Reflexology or trigger points are connected to almost all the vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, kidney, brain, eyes etc.

We feel pain on certain reflexology if the connecting organs are not functioning properly or affected by some illness. It is absolutely with power of healing, cure and relaxation with our any side effects. It stimulates the body's natural self-curative abilities.

Acupressure Body Mats

  • Amazing relief from body pain, stress and fatigue
  • Precisely shaped spikes and pyramids for appropriate pressure on reflexology all around the body.
  • Very beneficial in Backache, neck pain, muscle tension, foot- Palm reflexology, anxiety.
  • Invokes good circulation and good sleep if used before retiring to bed.
  • Light weight - ABS plastic and cotton fabrics used - easily folded and portable to carry anywhere.
  • Better quality products at a very affordable and genuine rates.

Acupressure body mats are absolutely perfect solution for total body massage. It has advantage with features like portability, light weight, easy to use, multiple utility. Very effective in treatment for numbness, dizziness, low energy, migraine, sinus, insomnia.

Acupressure Foot Mats

  • Specially designed for feet, elevated portion in the center, perfectly fits to foot arch
  • 10 minutes standing on this mat give immense relaxation
  • Improves circulation, promotes metabolism of body.
  • Magneto therapy with magnet studs fitted in the mat. Good quality plastic material used with perfect pyramids
  • Put real amount pressure on pressure points on foot mat.
  • light weight and fit for any foot size, easily carried with to any places.

Acupressure Foot mats are based on the principle of acupressure and magneto therapy. Both these treatment procedures are very traditional and ages old. These alternative therapy instruments are very effective in curative measurement of various ailments.

Acupressure Spike Balls - For Wrists, Palms and Fingers

  • Spike balls are perfect pocket-size health tools
  • Available in plastic with magnetic core and wooden.
  • Roll with a little pressure between palms for some time to release blocked energy.
  • Important trigger points are located in palms.
  • Very much effective in numbness, stiffed fingers and arthritis.

Acupressure ball is definitely an effective heath tool. This is a very simple structure and small in size but a powerful energy device. Besides rolling between palms you can fist it with pressure. If you feel tied fingers and hand after a long day in work, use this acupressure ball for 5 minutes. You will feel relief and great feeling, will definitely feel more energetic.