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Acupressure finger rings for stimulating trigger points on fingers

Acupressure finger rings

  • Acupressure finger Ring a perfect trigger point stimulator.
  • Relieves from numbness and stiffness in fingers due to long time writing, typing, driving, illness and injury.
  • On rolling up-and-down, most of the trigger points are stimulated and releases energy.
  • Fingers have important trigger points as many start and end points of meridian are located, hence energy is active and mobile.
  • Available in gold, silver colors and made of stainless steel with triangle bends.
  • It fits to most size of fingers as it is like a spring.
USD$ 2.49

Acupressure ring enhances energy flow, increase concentration, and promotes overall health. Fingers and finger tips are start and end locations of many meridians that exist like a network in our body. Meridians are energy channels or pathways in the body. These are 14 in numbers and act like routes for energy flow. Several important acupressure points are located along with these meridians.

As many of the meridians start and end at the finger tips, we can imagine the importance of proper massage of the fingers. These acupressure rings help you massaging the fingers in the best way. Wear this ring and roll it in and out slowly and repeatedly, feel the sensation immediately. Repeat on all the fingers. You will feel relaxed in a while. You can give 1 minute for each finger for best result. Acupressure ring depiction shown

You can develop your immunity, feel more energetic. This acupressure ring is very affordable enough in terms of price to give your nears-and-dears a tiny-still-powerful health promoting tool.

On purchasing more you get attractive discount:

Acupressure Rings for finger (set of 5) & (set of 10)

Acupressure rings in silver and golden color

  • Set of 5 is very economical
  • Discounted Rate
  • Same shipping charge as single ring
USD$ 9.95
  • Set of 10 pcs is more economical.
  • Almost at half rate than single price.
USD$ 19.95

Helath benefits of Acupressure Rings for finger

  • Stimulates nerves and refloxology on fingers
  • Relaxing in case of finger stiffness and numbness
  • Promotes circulation reliefes tensions in tied fingers.

Note :-  If your any finger is bleeding or wound is not alright yet don’t use on that finger. While running on different finger, still be careful, ring should not rub to the wound.

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