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Acupressure mats - Spike Masssage Therapy

Acupressure Body Mats - A Massage Therapist friend

Acupressure spike mats

  • Acupressure Body Mat is designed and fabricated perfectly to give you 100% relaxation.
  • Spikes segments are uniquely set to put right proportion of prssure on reflexology along meridians.
  • Spike Body Mat's size and nails segment pattern is impressive, to cover large part of the body at a time.
  • Total 210 Segments and 8820 nails / spikes stimulate the pressure points.
  • An ultimate health tool for back, spine, feet, neck, shoulders and overall body
  • Perfect for trigger points stimulaion, relieving joints pain, better circulation, immune build-up and Energy improving.
  • As it is flexible, you can be pressure your goove areas like neck while laying on the bed.
  • Hang this Acupressure mat on chair's back to massage your neck, back, spine and hips.
Acupressure spike mats close photo

  • Lay atleast 10 minutes on Acupressure Body Mat before your retire to sleep, feel rejuvinated.
  • Tiredness of the day, siffness of muscles will be gone and a sensational feeling will run though your body
  • Cotton fabric is used, so weights little over 1 pound, thus portable
  • Easily washable, rub washing brush gently with shampoo Or skin friendly liquid detergent.
  • You may feel pricks initially as nerve points are weak, put a thin cloth on it OR wear a tank top or t-shirt
  • Easily washable, rub washing brush gently with shampoo Or skin friendly liquid detergent.
USD$ 26.95

Acupressure Mat- Small segmeneted bulks Appropriate for children to Senior

Acupressue Mylti use mat

  • Acupressure Mat small is also with multiple purpose features.
  • Specially desinged for tender skin, appropriate for Kids above 6 years
  • Infact any person can use it, at any convenient and spare time.
  • You can fold the Massage Mat from middle, size is half now, You can put it in your office bag too.
  • This Aupressure Mat is light weight, smaller size and less spiky, suits every one.
  • Put right amount of pressure on trigger points in the body.
  • Easily Washable, after wash let it, infact every mats to dry properly.
USD$ 9.95

Acupressure Balls and Finger Rings

Acupressure Magmetic Spike Balls

Acupressure Magmetic Spike Balls
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Acupressure Finger Ring
Acupressure finger Ring

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