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Acupressure Mat : foot massager with magnetic healing points

Acupressure Foot mat with Magnetic points - Power mat - with Small Pyramid

  • Specially designed for kids with small pyramids and less magnets.
  • Relief from tiedness and stress.
  • Very good for sound sleep if practiced belore sleeping.
  • Enhances memory and increases concentration.
  • 8 Magnet points for magnetotherapy and better circulation.
  • Promotes digesion and absorption.
  • Relieve from eye stress due to long study hours.
USD$ 8.45

Acupressure foot mats with small pyramids and 8 magnet studs is specially designed for kids. This is very good health device for all round health improvement. This acupressure mat stimulates the trigger points or reflexology located in foot and palms. Like every important organs in our body are connected with arteries, veins and nerves similarly they are connected to a couple of reflexology points. For Example Brain has connection with reflexology located at tip of the thumb and big toe. If these trigger points are pressed with perfect pressure then it help our brain functioning well.

Eyes get tied after long hour work on computers notebook or a long session of study. You don’t have to think which trigger point is for what or where it is located. If you stand on these acupressure foot mats for 5-10 minutes your purpose is solved. At a one go you get professional massage therapy for all the required points.

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