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Spike Body Rollers for Feet - Back - Neck - Hands - face

Our nervous system uses electrical energy, called nerve impulses, to send messages from one cell to another cell in the body. This manifests as muscle movement, excretion, glandular secretion, temperature regulation, and even mental thoughts. Acupressure promote nerve functioning and has been successfully used for Mental and Emotional Healing.

This alternative medicine reduces depression and anxiety by balancing hormone. Hormonal disorder in modern society is getting critical and use of modern medicine is common. Using such alternative therapy procedure not only safe but also cut the side effects of modern medicine. Reflexology in our body is stimulated and hence the functioning of vital organs such as brain, heart, lungs, liver, glands etc. becomes balanced. Metabolism improves; respiration, circulation, digestion, excretion and secretion in our body get better by regular practice. Acupressure Rollers are important health tools; on practicing help you live better.

Wooden Spike Foot Roller

Wooden Spike Foot rollers

  • Acupressure Rollers are simple and based on reflexology and nerve stimulation and circulation.
  • While kept under foot and rolled forward and backward, it put pressure on reflexology.
  • Reflexology are connected to the body parts and organs.
  • Promotes better circulation and stimulate nerves.
  • You feel complete or partial relief from pain, stress and tiredness.
  • How is it you do it for 10 minutes, while watching TV Or at your work station?.
  • Light and small to easily carried in your office bag or purse.
  • You get double benefits i.e. knee exercise and body rejuvenation at a go, by rolling this acupressure roller.
  • Very good for Sports persons after a hard practice session.
  • About 400 spikes do a deep feet massage
  • Do not if skin under the feet is cut or bleeding.
USD$ 9.95

Acupressure Multi-Rollers Foot Massager

Acupressure Multi-rollers Foot Massager

  • Acupressure Multi-Rollers are fitted with 6 rollers with studs
  • Regular practice strengthen immune system and enhances brain functioning.
  • It covers good part of the feet at a time so you get quick relief.
  • This foot roller is suitable for tender skin because of it’s rounded tips.
  • Promotes good health and good sleep by lowering pain and stress level.
  • You feel a sensational feeling under the feet and as if live energy is flowing through the legs, after 10 minutes of workout.
  • Durable, light and compact to carry anywhere.
  • Slightly curved shape to fit the foot arches.
  • 320+ studs work wonderfully on trigger points on the feet.
  • Made of good quality plastic make it durable.
USD$ 13.95

Acupressure Multipurpose Massage Roller

Acupressure roller for multiple massage option

  • Acupressure Multi-utility Roller with small studs for smooth massaging.
  • Can be used in massaging foot palms or backs.
  • Good for tender skins and can use used in case of kids.
  • Stimulate the trigger points and relax the pain and muscle pull by improving circulation.
  • Like other roller, it has other benefits mentioned.
USD$ 8.95