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Our Body - A Supreme Doctor

Our body is a doctor itself. It is body's natural ability to cure it from many illnesses. It develops immunity or own defense mechanism to fight with many bacteria and viruses and foreign particles if not to all. We all know, it has happened to us in some occasions. Some time we don’t even notice that our body has accomplished a miracle.

Our involuntary nervous system (which body handles its self, before our brain trigger a command) do great things to us. Our reflexes have saved us in some crucial time or pull us out a fatal accident. So we human beings are blessed with a super-power-pack combination of mind and body. Our body is intelligent enough to run a most complex structure with in it.

But somehow our life style, genetically disorders and environmental factors weaken and breach body's own defense system. We fall ill and go for medications majorly modern medicines. With a list of drugs, sometime costly diagnosis procedures, medical professionals advise us to change some of our habits Or our lifestyle and to maintain a positive frame of mind.

After take a medicine course from a couple of days to a few weeks or even longer. In some extreme cases we have no option left other than taking pills or injection for whole life. We all know the adverse effect of many modern medicines. While they are in the process of curing existing diseases, sow seeds of other complications which grow sooner or later.

Our life style includes types of food, eating time, sleeping, physical workout etc. In our professional life the nature of our job like stressful managerial work, working on computers / laptops or any work that demand a day long extreme physical stress. Some people think it is part of life. Working / job is must, yes it is urgent but some necessary things need to be taken care to live a healthy and energetic life joyfully.

We can help our body to prevent some unwelcomed ailments in our life. If we are suffering from illness(s), can aid our body to cure and heal it effectively. Even if we are taking modern medications we can follow some procedure to fasten the speed of recovery.

There are a number of very effective procedures and practices that may help us in achieving a great, healthy, powerful and radiant body. We mention some here some practices and health tools for preventions and cure :

  • Yoga - Meditation : practicing a ‘Divine Exercise’ that is Yoga – Asanas - Mediation. Yoga is age old and ancient, has history of more than 5000 years. Yoga is a very vast subject. It shapes both body and mind with a holistic way. Although great interest is seen around world about Yoga, is very growing trend in countries like USA, Canada, UK and whole Europe, Australia with love. So many Yoga lovers and practiceners.
  • Acupressure Health tools : Acupressure therapy is traditional therapy. Our body is full with reflexology or pressure points along with meridians and palms, feet and spine. Meridian runs through our body from top to bottom. One or more reflexology point(s) are connected with each vital organ. So each body organ has specific number of reflexology at specific areas. Putting pressure on trigger points help increase the functionality and health of that organ. We have some products those will help you out in achieving god health without knowing the details about Acupressure.
  • Magneto therapy products: Magnets are in use of treating many ailments like Joint pains, circulation, secretion issues effectively. Some acupressure products are combined with magnets also. These are highly recomended healing tools.
  • Cleansing & Detox: Personal Care products like Home Enema Kits (for colon and overall body health), Neti (Nasal cleansing – Detoxification of nasal track) and some herbal skin care, hair care , essential oils.

PassionCart introduce very specific and selected products from these category. It will be helpful to you to select a couple of good products. Help your blessed body. Wish you a rejuvenated health, shine and beautiful body and a magnificent mind.

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