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Shipping Policy:

On successful order, you can expect 3-10 working days with in which your order will be delivered to you. In the uneven case, if you don't recieve the shipment with in said perion you may drop a mail regarding this. We may also inform you, if we come to know about any unexpected delay. If the order packet is missed due to negligence of shipping company, then you will be resent a fresh order package. We need to provided your physical Shipping address. We donot ship to your Post-Box numbers.


Our refund and cancellation terms are stated in such a way, it extend you reliability even after you order.

As is quite proficient in order processing and dispatching, we ship out the order on the day of your order or the next working day. So if you need to cancel, your any requests for cancellation must be put in through email, soon after placing your order. In this case, your order will be timely cancelled and you will be issued a quick refund on the same day or within 1 working day. If you get late (exceed 10 hours from ordering time) in sending the cancellation request and if we observe on refund Payment Gateway still charges the Transaction Charge on ordering amount, we will refund you the sum amount after deducting transaction charge. Transaction Charge will vary from 3% to 5% on total paid amount, i.e. if paid total was $100 (One hundred dollar), you will be refunded $97(Ninety Seven Dollar, if the transaction charge on 3% ) .

In the incident your order has been dispatched, you will need to send a refund request in accordance with our refund policy.


We at have maintained a rationally understood and customer friendly refund policy or money back for our products as we believe in good quality products and safe packaging. If you are really unsatisfied with the product in any way just inform us by dropping an e-mail mentioning the cause of your dissatisfactions. We will satisfy you even if it means issuing a prompt refund on your purchase. The fact is we believe and trust our customers and give regard to their words. Although a very few such cases have emerged, in the process we don’t even insist the customer to return the shipped order to avoid the hassle of undergoing any procedures’ to get your money back. We believe it should be simple and if in case the order is too high amount it might be possible, we ask you to refund the product to get you refund amount.

It is also a possibility, you will be refunded the amount on deducting the shipment cost / shipping charge/ courier charge from the total paid by you.

So, it is rational to say we have given relaxations our refund policy in many ways – your satisfaction is all in priority for us!