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Staniless steel neti pot - Jala Neti
Yoga Meditation products and accesories
Yoga Meditation products and accesories
Yoga Meditation products and accesories
Yoga Meditation products and accesories
Mala beads and bracelets made of wooden seed and stone

Handicrafts- Home Decor

Fabulous Handicrafts dolls, wood carvings, famous Pipili appliques, painting etc surely give a new look to home. Table tops, wall and roof hangings will add on beauty of your home interior.
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Home Enema Kits and douche supplies

Home Enema - Douche Kits

Home Enema Kits and accessories come with an offer of better quality and very economical price. Available in 2 quart & 4 quart rubber bags and Stainless Steel can.
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Twister disc magnetic wave body tonner

Twister Body Slimmer

A health device to shape your body. Not only you reduce fat but get a curved, flexible and toned body with healthy spine and knee. 10 mins workout will do wonder.
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Excercise Twsiters - magnetic wave slimming and body-tonning device

Acupressure Mats

Acupressure mats are equipped with power of relaxation and healing. Reflexology play a key role in free or stalled flow of energy through our body. These are multipurpose health devices.
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Mala beads and bracelets made of wooden seed and stone

Mala Beads - Rosary

Meditation Beads Malas and bracelets had been used in prayer and meditation since ages. Still hold it’s importance with virtue of spiritual healing and energy balancing. A style statement attire too.
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Khadi Soaps Shampoo Skin care

Herbal Soaps- Hair & Skin Care

A variety of hand-made herbal bath soaps with refreshing and soothing fragrance, clean skin in deep and make it smooth. Natural hair care, skin care, face packs and essential oils all for your cleanness and goodness.
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Acupressure rollers body massager

Acupressure Massage Rollers

Designed to put accurate pressure on reflexology on feet, palm, spine etc. Improves energy and relives tiredness, fatigue, numbness. Helpful in anxiety and depression.
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magnetotherapy belts for several illness can wear any where

Magnetic Healing Belts

Magnetic Belts for different therapy and ailments like Blood Pressure, diabetes, asthma cervical, joint pain. Fasten recovery in post-surgery like knee surgery. Magneto therapy is a proven procedure.
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Other popular products

Sauna Belt Heating vbratory Slimmer

Sauna Belt Body Slimmer

Sauna belt helps reducing body fat in a qucik time. With normal exercise it takes a longer time to bring waist/abdomen size to a slimmer and attractive shape. Using Sauna belt is simple and less time consuming. With a 15-30 minutes daily use, you will discover youself a better personality and energyful with in 2 weeks. See Details
Dolphin body massager mutiple tips for different massaging requirement

Electric Multi-tips Body Massager

Electric dolphin body massager comes with a total body massage solutions for you. It vibrates with a adjusted level and 4 massaing tips for different purposes and ultimately give you a satisfying relaxsation with in 5 minutes.
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