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Magnetic belts for theraputic purposes

Back pain reliefing belt

  • Magnetic Belt for Back support and backache Purpose.
  • Magnetic treatment is a traditional method of treating several illnesses.
  • Due to weakmess, long sitting in the work, accidental injury or spine problem we suffer Back pain from mild to severe.
  • Some senior people also develop back pain as they grow.
  • Any way this Magetic Back support and healing Belt comes as great help.
  • Magnets fitted at the middle part and Elatics on both side to put the back firmly.
  • Due to Magnets blood circulation increases at back and spine area.
  • As a result injury healing process get speed up.
  • Back muscle get stonger and stops bone degeneration.
  • If you put this Belt giving the Magnetic segments on the belly / abdomen, Fat will reduce.
  • Wear it 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening, if pain is less.
  • You can wear it longer time in case the pain is severe, as it hides under shirt, you may go our on earing it.

Medium Size - with 9 Magnets

USD$ 19.95

Large Size - with 12 Magnets

USD$ 22.95

Magnetic Knee Belt

Magnetic knee-Cap

  • Magnetic Knee cap is very helpful in Injury and arthritis
  • Speed up the injury healing in knee, you suffer less and cure early.
  • Due to increased blood circulattion at the areas joints get much moe nurished than normal.
  • One size fits to all
  • wearing time is as convenient to you. If the pain alerming, your should wear it atleast 3-4 hours per day.
USD$ 13.95

Get a heavy Discount $9.00 (including shipping) on a Pair


Magnetic Diabetes Belt

Acupressure Balls Sillicon softer and shoothing

  • Diabetes belt need to be wear below chest and above abdomen area.
  • Diabetes happens when insulin secretion hindered.
  • On wearing this magnetic diabetes belt, it stimulate the gland to perform better.
  • You can wear this while your are under medication. We recomend , take your doctor's advice about wearing this.
USD$ 12.95

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