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Stainless Steel Neti Pot

Stainless Steel Neti Pot

  • Neti pot is used in JalaNeti Or Nasal irrigation with water.
  • Luke warm water mixed with pinch of common salt is used in Jala Neti.
  • When water flow through the nostrils, it washes away viruses, bacteria
  • Detoxify by flowing out dust, pollen, and other unhealthy particles.
  • As nostrils are entry point of a number of diseases, prevention is a good option with Jala Neti.
  • Improves smell sense or Olfactory and helpful in smell disorders.
  • Relief from headaches, migraine, depression and mental tensions.
  • Helpful in common cold, nasal congestion and stops nasal bleeding due to cold.
  • Stops or reduces Sneezing and allergic symptoms.
  • Reduces Or cure breathing problems including snoring and bad breath.
  • Reduce sore throat and inflammation of the tonsils.
  • Can contain approx 500ml for precise nasal cleansing.
USD$ 14.95

This stainless steel Neti pot is used in Jala Neti. Jala (Water) + Neti (Washing of Nasal Passage) is an age old method for irrigating nasal track and parts of upper respiratory system.

Neti is very simple and proven therapy for upper respiratory track and sinus problems and headaches. Approx. 400-500 ml of drinking water (of luke warm temperature) mixed with common salt. Many people suffer sinus headaches and sinusitis. Sinus get infected and inflammation of the tissue lining the sinuses.

Due to Sinusitis a person develops symptoms like runny, stuffy nose, heavy head , facial pain including eye pain, swelling around eyes and nose sides, and headache.

Several millions of people around the world suffer from at least one sinus attack every year. According to a report, about 37 million Americans get sinusitis once or more times each year.

Now the question is which people have high risk of sinusitis? It is seen the people having following health conditions are more prone to sinus attacks.

Blockage of drainage ducts of 4 pairs of sinuses, which drain through an ostium or opening into the nose. There are several causes blockage happen, starting from inflammation, injury, tumor and several other causes.

  1. Nasal mucus membrane swelling due to common cold or any injury in the nose.
  2. Structural changes that narrow the drainage ducts.
  3. Who has as immune deficiencies (suppression of the immune system)
  4. Who is exposed to air pollution frequently.

Lets have a brief understanding of sinuses location and it’s drainage track in to the nose. It will help us to understand, why proper nasal irrigations is necessary. A healthy nose keeps away many respiratory and ENT related diseases .
  1. Frontal Sinuses are located at above the eyes behind the forehead .
  2. Ethmoid Sinuses are located between the eyes.
  3. Maxillary sinuses are located beneath the cheeks. Maxillary sinus, frontal sinus and anterior ethmoid sinus sinuses have a common drainage passage called osteomeatal complex within the middle meatus of the nose.
  4. Sphenoid Sinuses are located behind the nose and below the brain and it open into the nose behind the superior turbinate, located near the back portion of the septum.
Jala neti kriya - nasal Irrigation
sinusitis nasal-cleansing benefits

So it is evident and natural if the drainage ducts get blocked or inflamed, hinder mucus to drain properly. As a result pressure increases with in sinuses and feel facial pain, sinus headache and swelling on face.

Here Neti play a important role which open the opening of drainage pathways in the nose. Because we use warm water it help in free the blocks though our the ducts. You can see immediate effect when you perform Neti. The blocked mucus start to flow out. If you do feel acute pain you need to perform Neti 2-3 times daily. Without any antibiotics or strong medicine, you are free from sinusitis in a matter of 3-4 days. You beat sinusitis naturally and avoid intake of chemicals in the form of modern medicines. . Sometime no medicines or antibiotics are needed, if you start Neti timely before sinus get chronic. In severe cases you may try Neti for a couple of weeks, before your opt for sinus surgery.

Benefits of Jala Neti

Jala Neti help many ways and it's preventation ability is great. Let's look at some major benefits as follows :

  • Cure Sinusitis and Sinus Heache:

    Regulate proper drainage of mucus from Sinuses, cure inflammation and infection in sinuses. Releases pressure from sinus cavity, relieving facial pain and headache. Swelling on face and around the eyes is gone. You also get relax from heavy head and dizziness.
  • Common Cold and Nasal congestion :

    In common cold most of us have a runny and stuffy nose. Nasal cavity is blocked due to excess mucus secretion from mucus lining. As a result breathing difficulty happen, causing snoring and even breath though the mouth. Some people use Saline nasal spray to get rid of this. But Jala Neti have more benefits, by opening blockage and wash away germs and bacteria from the nose. We can avoid sleepless nights by doing Jala Neti twice a day during cold.
  • Bad Breath and Lifestyle

    In general days if we perform Neti at least twice a week can improve our lifestyle. Firstly bad breath can be avoided. Toxic air pollutants are washed away from the nose. Our nasal passage has a filtering layer of tiny hairs called "cilla". This layer accumulate dust and other pollutants by filtering out while we inhale.
  • Improve Vision

    Jala Neti kriya improves eye sight. It also stimulates the working of tearing gland and clears the blockage of tearing duct which drain tear into the nose.

Sianless Steel Neti Pot

It is easy to maintain and clean after each use. Being pure stainless steel it wo'nt develop junks. Very durable and non-brakable unlike ceramic neti pot. This netipot is far far good than any plastic netipots that are easily available. After a few months the plastic get weak but stainless steel NetiPot is will be with you for a long run. Considering price and durability and hygenic standards thiese neti pots are the most in demand.

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