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Acupressure Balls free enery flow

Acupressure Ball

  • Improves transmission of nerve impulses in the body.
  • Balanced and enrgy flow by stimulating trigger points on palm
  • Improves blood circulation in the hands
  • Reliefs in numbness in the palms and fingers - often seen on aged persons
  • Computer/Laptop users : very useful in case of tied and stiff fingures
  • 30 minutes to 1 hr regular use in case of accute symptoms of siffness and numbness
  • Roll down to wrists from palms, where trigger points exist for largest nerve "Sciatic nerve" and sex/genital organs.
  • 1.85" in diameter, easy to hold in palms and make fist.
  • Available in Wooden, Silicon and Rubber
USD$ 3.50

Feeling low energy in arms? Tied and stiff fingers after a long day on computer? Here we have a solution for you. Palms, fingers, wrists contain all the important trigger/ reflexology points of the all vital organs of the body. We become sick if energy channels to these organs are blocked or obstructed, causing enrgy imbalance. Several physical and mental disorders are developed in our body if energy imbalance happens. Our nervous system uses electrical energy, called nerve impulses, to send messages from one cell to another cell in the body. This manifests as muscle movement, excretion, glandular secretion, temperature regulation, and even mental thoughts.

Holistic and alternative therapies are practiced to cure general illness. Acupressure therapay is most popular amongst them. Acupressure treatment fasten the recover period in post-surgery cases. In general it is a self-practiced therapy and does not any high cost products. You can spend a little time at your home, at your office, Or in vacation to keep your energy high and maintain a healthy body. This home practiced acupressure instruments are easily affordable and portable.

We have other two varities of Acupressure Balls for trigger points:

Silicon Acupressure Massage Balls

Acupressure Balls Sillicon softer and shoothing

  • Have same benefits as above wooden ball
  • No spikes and softer and shoothing for tender skin
  • Suitable for childrens
  • Who feel hurt by spike of magnetic OR wodden ball should use this
  • can be used for other soft areas
USD$ 4.95

Rubber Acupressure Massage Balls

Acupressure Balls Sillicon softer and shoothing

  • Hygenic medical equipment purpose rubber used
  • Smooth points for soft skin.
USD$ 3.95

Helath benefits of Acupressure Balls

  • Stimulates nerves and refloxology on palms and wrists
  • Extremely helpful in relieving fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness

General rules to use Acupressure Balls

  • Apply pressure on points at least for 3-5 minutes on palms and fingers. In case you press-and-roll the ball between two palms, try to roll slowly so that effect on the point will be more. In case you make fist or hold the ball tightly in the palm touching all the fingers, then hold for 1 minute and ten relax then repeat for 3-4 times
  • Do not give excess pressure nor too less. The practice should be done in tolerable and required pressure. Very low pressure would not help greatly, have a balanced pressure. If you are new to practice start with medium pressure for first 3-4 days, then you may increase pressure to your comfort level.
  • Do not apply pressure in either full or empty stomach. Soft and tender areas should pressed gently.
  • The pressure can be given twice or thrice a day as daily doses. After using Acupressure balls you may rub your palms against each other gently for some time.

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