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Acupressure Magnetic Spike Balls

Acupressure Magnetic Balls

  • Stimulates reflexology on palms
  • Magnetic and Acupressure palm massaging stimulation balls
  • Improves blood circulation in the body
  • Reliefs in numbness in the palm
  • Very relaxing in case of tied and stiff fingures
  • 1.85" diameter balls available in golden and silver color
  • Daily use of 10-15 minutes gives a better result
USD$ 5.00

Activate energy channels to various vital organs of the body , targets acupoints / reflexology points of the palm, improves blood circulations, extremely helpful in relieving fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness

Magnetic therapy is helpful in releaving aches and pains. It also enhances blood flow to affected parts. Magnetic fields are enhanced which attract hemoglobin (iron-containing metalloprotein in the red blood cells ) in the blood. The Acupressure Spike Magnetic Ball incorporates both - stimulating niddles as well as magnets - to combine the power of hand reflexology with magnetic therapy.

Having this “health enhancing” ball and rolling it in your palm for 5-10 minutes every day, opens up the energy channels to various organs of the body. A healty person can also roll this ball with a little pressure in the palms to immune himself or herself from disorders as well as mitigate aches and pains. This health tool is very affordable and wothy addition to your Health Kits.

Helath benefits of Acupressure Magnetic Spike Ball

  • Opens up Energy Channel
  • Enhances Blood circulation
  • Stimulates nerve and acupoint
  • Extremely helpful in relieving fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness

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