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Acupressure Mat : foot massager with magnetic healing points

Acupressure Foot mat with Magnetic points - Power mat - with Small Pyramid

  • Enhances Energy level in the body.
  • Promotes good sleep, if practiced 10 minutes in evening.
  • Increases immunity, metabolism, digesion.
  • Used as foot resting mat at work station.
  • 22 Magnet points covering all vital points of feet.
  • Improves circulation, secretion and fuction of glands like liver, pancreas, galbladder and organs like Kidney and urinary bladders.
  • Promotes healthy Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System.
  • A multi-purpose health tool with no side effect.
USD$ 14.95

Acupressure mats with pyramid shaped elevations and magnets fiited at important reflexology points is a very effective for good health. Magnetic pyramid foot mat is a simple and traditional health care tool (equipment) designed with care and perfection. There is a saying “preventation is better than cure”. This phrase is very much true and what we need to apply in our lifestyle. Competitive work space, work load , fast life , anxiety , depression extracts much from us. Addictive lifestyle , food habit has added some of the unwanted diseases to our body.

We suffer and rush to a physician. We get a prescription of a number of drugs/ Medicine and even get a reference for laboratory diagnosis or Expensive medical imaging such as MRI. Treatment lasts for a few days or even longer periods. We somehow get cured sooner or later. Powerful chemical medicines leave its residue with in our body. Some even resume a detoxification schedule to purify body. Some time we develop some ailment which remains with us till we live. In day-today life if we can adopt some healthy procedures, health tools and holistic lifestyle to live fatal-diseases-free life Or a life of healthy being. We may add some more healthy years to our lifespan.

It is time’s call to keep our self physically and mentally healthy.

Acupressure Body Mat - The Ultimate Massager

Acupressure Body massager - spike mats -  therapy mats

A fantastic Aupressure Body Massager which triggers the pressure points of all vital organs of body and enhances its functionality.

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This acupressure device is one of the best alternate therapy instrument still very affordable and portable health tool. You can easily take this mat with you in your office bag or carry to a vacation place. Just put this magnetic-cum-acupressure pyramid mat on a plain surface and stand on it for 4-10 minutes (you can stand more time if you want to do) twice a daily. While you stand on the pyramid mat, the best thing you can do is upper body exercises like arm rotation , waist rotation ,neck exercises or even rub your palms to each other (rub till you feel heat on palms).

If you are first timer to this device, you will feel prick on your feet sole, because your nerve points are weak at the time. For soft / tender skin, put a thin cloth OR bed coder on the mat and then stand on it. Gradually you will find it very comfortable and by then you will feel renewed energy within you with a better health.

House wife can use it while they are cooking or watching TV. Office executive who spend most of the time at workstations can use this acupressure mat as foot resting pad at their workstation. While on work just rest your feet on it. You can place this

Acupressure pyramid foot mat is very useful for sports persons. If you are an athlete to relax your tied feet and calf muscles, stand for a few minutes on the mat. You will surely feel the massage like relaxation.

We provide this magnetic pyramid mat in two sizes. Especially for kids you can go for the smaller one (as shown in the picture).

Morw verities of foot mats:

Acupressure mat magnetic pyramid for body pain relief and better health
Acupressure Foot Mat
USD$ 8.45
Acupressure mat - kids special
Acupressure Foot Mat - with 22 magnet Studs
USD$ 9.98

Beside above mentioned benefits of the mat, you may count a few more good points or achievements you can get from this:

Sound Sleep : Keep one or more of your mats under your pillow or mattress. Just lay on the bed and breath deeply for about 2 minutes before going to sleep. This will lead to sound sleep.

Enhances memory : Stand on your mat and swing forward and backward by applying pressure on toes and heel for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Pain control: Use the mat for control and total health as it works on proven Acupressure principle as shown in the illustrated chart. You can place it under your thigh, calf, shoulder to get relief from any ache.

Helath benefits of Acupressure Mats Magnetic

  • Opens up Energy Channel
  • Enhances Blood circulation
  • Stimulates nerve and acupoint
  • Extremely helpful in relieving fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness

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