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Hand held Body Massage Hammer (Whole  Body Massager)
  • Benefit in the muscle ache and body pain.
  • Speed up the fat burning.
  • Improve the blood circulation.
  • Build up the immunity system of the body.
  • Speed regulator for strengh of massage.

USD$ 29.50

Product Features :

Total Body Massage HAMMER system integrates four innovative functions: infrared ray, heat treatment, magnetic therapy and hammering massage with speed regulator.

Of infrared rays directly function on the surface of your body, if combined with heating, the massage result will be even more beneficial. Powerfull magnetic field can strengthen the functioning of blood vessel and improve blood circulation. The massage head is made of high-tech engineering plastic enabling more powerful hammering. With a step-less speed adjustment device, you can choose any speed you prefers and suits you. Please avoid head , face , chest and abdomen massaging with this instrument.

Operation directions

  • Run massage hammer by pressing switch key where its indicator will be lighted.
  • The speed of massage hammer will be slowed OR higher by pressing speed-increase key.
  • The massage hammer can be shifted between high & low limit by pressing Auto key.
  • Power connector plugs must be removed after usage or before cleaness.

Safety Measure

  • Do not use it in damp place.
  • It must be paid special attention to when used by children or the disabled.
  • Keep the speed low when used on children.
  • Keep very slow when using on soft areas or sensitive areas.

Where to use

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Backside
  • Legs
  • Feet

Technological parameter
Input voltage : AC220V, 50Hz Rated power : 28W

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