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Acupressure magnetic spinal column Roller - upper Press

Acupressure magnetic spine Roller - upper Press

  • Spine Roller is based on Acupressure Magneto therapy
  • One type with small sudds for right pressure on reflexology on both side of vertibral column
  • Other type consists of Four Magnetic Wheels for better results
  • It can be used with vibrator also
  • Relief in spine, back and neck pain
  • Put slow and bearable pressure up and down pressure on both sides of the spine from neck to hip & can roll upto leg
  • Useful for backache, spine trouble and removes stiffness
  • Can be used during powder massage
US$ 13.95

Spinal Column roller ia a wonderful massage tool that makes use traditional massage techniques and modern technology to give you very effective relief and satisfying experience. After a day of hard working OR long sitting at your work station, a 10 minutes massage give you absolute relaxation. You feel revitalized and stressfree after the massage. While massaging spinal column, roll the spine roller uo to neck, lower back, shoulders and even wings to maximize effectiveness. Spine roller can be rolled upto hips thign calf muscle to get a complete massage.

If you are looking for a perfect, easy and affordable solution to the back pain, sore muscles, tension, discomfort and stress then our spine roller is a perfect one. This roller is engineered to simulate the magnetic field properties OR gravity of the Earth.

Other Product Option

Acupressure magnetic Spinal Column Roller CurvedAccupressure Magnetic spine roller curved handleUS$  14.95
Acupressure Spinal Column Roller CurvedAccupressure Non Magnetic spine roller curved handleUS$  13.95


  • Do not roll with maximum pressure. Pressure should be the below bearable pressure./li>
  • Do not massage on head and bony parts of the body v.i.z. knee and shin.
  • Do not massage during pregnancy.
  • Do not massage during bone fracture OR slip disc treatment.
  • Do not use this roller to kids below 10 years.