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Magnetic and Aloe Vera Gel Based Eye Cool Mask - Improves Eye Sight

herbal based magnetic eye cool mask

  • Pamper tired eyes and soothe nerves
  • Helpful in Dry Eyes / Allergies
  • Helpful in Dry Eyes / Allergies
  • Reduces redness in eye
  • Aloe Vera based eye stress reliever
  • Improves Vision Or eye sight
  • Removes dirk circles and wrinkles around eyes
  • Corrects Redness in eyes
  • Magnet ring inside, helps in blood circulation
  • Helpful in stress caused by long hours in front of the computer or TV
  • There is no Optional cover needed in this design
USD$ 4.49

Protects your eyes & eye sight and clears black marks around your eyes. Eye mask has been made to serve in heat absorption therapy, water splashes therapy and eye tight therapy . Alive Vera gel based in side this mask make it more efective. Two magnetic rings inside the mask helps improve blood circulation in and around the eyes. As a result you keep your eyes more younger than normal eye condition.

How to clear dark circle around eyes?

You can remove dark circle by applying COOL AND HOT MASSAGE method for 20 days.

Dip a clean handkerchief in the bearable hot water, squeeze the handkerchief to remove the water, then massage with it on your eyes. When handkerchief get colder then repeat the same process. Massage your eyes for 5 minutes and immediately apply chilled eye mask for 5 minutes around your eyes. Perform the same for twice a day. With in 10 days you can see the positive sign and with in 20 days you will make your eyes more younger and sightful.

Directions :-

  • Keep in Fridge or cool place for 20-30 minutes (do not freeze the eye mask).
  • Place it on eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and relax.
  • Do not place near the fire.
  • Do not use for the kids below 2 years.