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Amritdhara - relief from stomach gas, bloating

Amritdhara - herbal medicine for stomach

  • Cures irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) cramping and constipation
  • Stimulates peristalsis, improves digestion and promotes healthy colon
  • Cures acidity, stomach gas, bloating and acid flux
  • Pain relifer in muscle stress, sprain headache: a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Helpful in curing indigestion, stomach infection and diarrhea
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We sometime experince indigestion, stomach pain and situation like acidity. A few people complain irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which cuases common disorders like abdominal pain, bloating gas, cramping, diarrhea and constipation. Our large intestine (colon) or overall digetive sytem and it's functioning determine how healthy we are. We introduce a multipurpose herbal medicine with natural ingredients, which will be your family doctor in above cases, that is Amritdhara

Amritdhara is a herbal oil and herbal extractions based on ayurveda. It has so great medicinal properties to heal stomach problems. Amritdhara is used in healing stomach gas or bloating and pain.

Improper food and Indisation cause stress on the boul and cause acid flux. Stomach pains , abdominal bloating, excess flatulence, heaviness in the stomach and acidity are common problem which is caused by improper eating habit or consuming adulterated food. Some modern antacid medicines has side effect on use in such problems. But Amritdhara stimulates digestive system to heal it self. Amritdhara has also essential oil to dissilve acid naturally without putting extra pressure on bowl.

Amritdhara also used in constipation, headache, muscle sprain and common cold. To be said Amrtidhara has multiple healing properties.

Herbs used in Amritdhar

Clove Oil stimulates peristalsis.
Camphor (Kapoor) warms the stomach, stimulates secretion, increases peristalsis, and expels flatus.
Ajowan (Ajwain Tel) is a very useful herb used in relieving indigestion flatulence, and spasmodic disorders.
Mint (Pudina) extracts have excellent carminative and digestive properties. They provide quick natural relief from stomachache, gas and indigestion without any side effects.
Eucalyptus (Neelgiri Tel) has antibacterial and antimicrobial property.

Directions to use Amritdhara

In stomach pains, stomach gas or indigestion, add 3-4 drops of herbal Amritdhara to 50ml to 100ml lukewarm water and drink. May be taken thrice a day or even hourly in case of infection and loose motion. With in a few minutes you feel it's effect.

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