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Staniless steel neti pot - Jala Neti
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Neti Pot

Neti Pot - cure sinus

  • Neti pot is used in nasal irrigation or neti kriya.
  • Cures sinusitis OR sinus infection and removes excess mucus from the nose.
  • Cleans the nostrils by flowing out dust, pollen, and unhealthy particles.
  • Relief from sinus headache.
  • Helpful in common cold, nasal blockage and stops bleeding due to cold.
  • Makes breathing easy and cures bad breath.
  • 100% pure copper Neti Pot for safe Neti.
  • Nasal cleansing with several health benefits of copper.
  • Water containing capacity approx 500ml for perfect nasal cleansing.
USD$ 24.98

Neti pot / Neti Lota is used for Jala Neti (also called as Jalaneti OR simply neti) is a process of irrigating nasal ( nasal irrigation or naustril Cleaning). It is one of the many cleansing processes, followed in yogic cleansing ( Yoga Cleansing).

It is a unique process of cleaning nasal passages using Water (Jala). Luke warm water mixed with pure salt(NaCl) is poured though the nasal passage to wash sinuses. So the Neti Pot (also called Netipot OR JalaNeti Pot) is specially designed to perform jalaneti.

Benefits of Jala Neti

Jala Neti benefits are simply great. To count a few we have mentioned it as follows :

  • Heals Sinus Infections:

    Sinus mechanism works finly to filter germs and mircoscopic foreign particles intering the body. If infected it secrete a runny mucus to washaway the germs. This is called called sinusitis in medical term. Performing Jala Neti helps cleansing the sinuses.
  • Common Cold :

    In common cold most of us have a runny nose (mucus secretion from mucus lining). Nasal cavity is blocked as a result we find difficult in breathing. During sleeping nasal passage get blocked with mucus force us to breath though the mouth. Practicing JalaNeti, the nasal passages are cleared and germs are washed away. We can avoid sleepless nights by performing Jala Neti twice a day during cold. Our nasal passage has it's primary state filtering layer of tiny hairs called "cilla". In a matter of days these hairy layer become dirty. We regularly blow to wash it away. But by doing jala neti this layers are get cleaned.

Neti Pot - cure sinus

  • This copper neti pot is bit smaller in size.
  • Contains approx 400ml of water
  • A simple design and no decorative works on the pot
  • Pure copper metal is used.
USD$ 0.00

Copper Neti Pot

There are several types of netipot are available made up of different materials like plastic, ceramic, glass, steel. But copper is the most prefered material that is used for Neti. Ancient Yogis and Rishis (saints) were use copper Kamandalu (a netipot like Pot in large size with a handel) for dringking water. Even today the themodern scince has discovered it's anti bacterial property. If you put drinking water in a Copper pot, cover it and leave it for a night. You drink it on morning, it has now higher value than the normal water.

So we bring you Copper Netipot.