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Sauna Belt cum Vibrator Fat Reducer

Sauna Belt

  • Very effective in slimming and body toning
  • Detoxify, burn calories, enhance metabolism
  • Inch loss of fat from waist, hips and thighs (inch loss varies from person to person)
  • Easy to operate is poratble.
  • Controlled Heat with vibrations makes it more effective.
  • Regulator to control the heat ad per the need
  • Free size and fits any waist up to 38 inches
  • Safe and Hygenic
USD$ 18.95

Sauna belt reduces body fat in a few days. It suites those who donnot get enought time to do hard-workout excercises. Generally the fat that deposited in belly/waist area need a good amount of calory burning means a longer time spening in the gim. With normal exercise it takes a longer time to bring waist/abdomen size to a slimmer and attractive shape. Using Sauna belt is simple and safe. You can spend your 15-30 minutes daily for and you will certainly find youself a fitter, healthier, and smarter than ever. In a merely 7-10 days you will feel the difference.

It generates heat which helps melting the fat quicker. This sauna belt also fiitted with a vibrator which acts at your waist area and reduces fat. As we know, having a bulky and fat body invites several unwanted diseases and complicacies to our body. We count a couple as diabetes, heart attack, back and knee pain etc. It is not wrong to say, with a fatty and bulky body we suffer a lot, both physically and psychologically. Some fat people feel inferiority complextion and depressed. We all wish to have a energetic and healthy body, but with out habit and busy daily schedule we just don't get time.

So Sauna belt can be prooved as a helpful tool for you to keep yourself fit.

Helath benefits of Sauna Belt

  • Reduces body fat in less time
  • Makes slimmer , fitter and healthier
  • Increases vitality and keeps away from several obesity related diseases.
  • For those who get a little time to workout

Precautions and suggesions:

  • Don't wet/wash the sauna belt with water. You can take some good hygenic/skin friendly cleaner on cotton and wipe out the belt.
  • In case you sweat much, after your use, plug-out the belt and keep the belt under cyling fan or just keep open in the room temperture, so that the belt get dry.