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Steam Inhalor -  Vaporizer  - Facial Steamer
  • Helpful in cold, cough and bronchitis.
  • Useful in treating sinusitis.
  • Facial steam bath for clean , smooth and glowing face.
  • Used in facial, pedicure and manicure.
  • Good for oily face and pimples.
  • opens nasal congestion.
  • moist heat reduces headache.
  • Low power consumption.

US$ 9.45

Product Features :

This facial steamer / steam inhalor is absolutely a simple still a very effective health product, helpful in cough & cold , bronchitis , upper respiratory infection , sinusitis , common cold , sneezing , throat irritation and stuffy nose . It has been observed that steam (moist heat) reduces headache also.

Any ladies or gents who want to keep their faces clean, glow and young, this facial steamer is a handy item for them. Steam opens pores of the skin thus toxins in the skin just get washed away. This vaporizer is a blessing for face related problems like pimples and oily face.

To get more benefit while taking steam you can cover your head with a towel and keep the towel stretching out in such a way that it would spread the steam all around your neck, face, scalp, shoulder. In this process, along with getting a glowing face you make your muscles relaxed.

You can get another benefit of hair steaming from this steam maker. By steaming hair you provide your hair and scalp the much needed moisture for deep penetration of your hair conditioner and oil. As we know moisture is also helpful in hair growth. You can achieve healthy and shine hair with this vaporizer.

It is easier and nails get fine cutting if your nails are soft. So before you cut your nail just steam your figures so that your nail become soften. This steamer is also used in pedicure & manicure.

Specially for men!!! before you shave just do 2-3 minute steaming your face. You will find smoother and cleaner shave.

Stiff fingers? It has been evident steam therapy ( moist heat treatment ) is very good for rheumatoid arthritis. You can use this steamer to reduce finger pain. You should avoid very hot steam.

Note : In case of asthma, laryngitis etc. you should use vaporizer under physicians advice only.

You can use normal drinking water for using in the vaporizer.

Instruction :

  • Use with 220-250volts AC.
  • Do not open lid or tilt the unit when in use OR connected to the power point.
  • Keep away from children specially when power supply is still on. Please be with the child while administering him/her steam.

Power consumption 1 unit/45 minute.

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