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Yoga mats - Yoga Straps - yoga towel - Meditation beads and Eye pillow for yoga nidra

Yoga mats - super anti slippery

  • Yoga practice become easy and skid-free.
  • Available in diffrent lovely colors.
  • Wrinkle-free and light weight material is used.
  • Size dimention: L 173cms x W 67cms (68" x 26").
  • Different thickness of 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.
  • Right thikness for effective yoga.
  • More thickness and greater cushion is not appropriate for yoga.
  • Highly durable mat for Yoga-asanas.
USD$ 9.98
Yoga mats 6mm  super anti-skidding

  • 6mm thickness for extra comfort to yoga practice.
  • Same features as mentioned above.

6mm thickness Mat

USD$ 25.95

5mm thickness Mat

USD$ 22.95

Yoga Straps - for better flexibility required in intensive Yoga poses

Yoga Straps

  • Yoga straps is very helpful to those who are fresher and intermediate in Yoga.
  • At begining body is not so flexible to do some important yoga asanas
  • It helps in holding the limbs straight in bending positions and for the longer period.
  • Yoga starps a great aid till the body become flexible enough to perform difficult yoga asanas.
  • Beside yoga it helps in streching excercises and physiotherapy too.
  • 2 inches in wide and available in 6 fts in length.
  • Super quality and durable cotton with 2 metal D-rings buckles.
  • You can bind and carry your yoga mat as style statement.
  • Multiple colors available.
USD$ 6.95

Eye Pillow - Relaxation from stressed eyes and used during Savasana and Yoga Nidra

Eye Pillow - Relieve stressed and tied eyes

  • Yoga Eye Pillow relieve tension and stress.
  • Refrigirator-cooled pillow Reduces swellin grelieve migraine headache.
  • Filled with flax seeds put a gentle and light pressure on reflexology on faces.
  • A good sensory relaxation tool on face, forehead, eyes and sinus areas.
  • Soft cotton durable fabric cover is ideal, even for sensitive skin.
  • 4" X 9" in width and length.
  • Specially required for those, who work on computers and laptops.
  • Students can use after a long study hours to give eyes relaxed.
  • Seniors usually feel stressed eyes due to weak ophthalmic nerve.
  • Useful in Ophthalmic Migraine or Ocular Migraine
  • Multiple colors available.
USD$ 8.95

Pure Cotton Yoga Towel - Thick Soft and High Absorbency Power

Cotton Yoga Towel

  • 100% made of cotton fabric thick and tightly weaved.
  • So soft and highly absorbent to absorb sweat quickly and gently.
  • Suitable for Yoga, excersizes , aerobics, gym workouts, fitness resime or sports.
  • You can lay it on your yoga mat during resting, Yoga Nidra and Savasana.
  • A perfect towel when you go for beach Sun Bath OR you are at a swimming pool.
  • 26" X 54" in width and length.
  • Washable at home, no special detegent power or liquid required.
  • 'Yoga' is written in embroidery, is quite visible.
USD$ 15.95

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