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Meditation Mala Beads - Made from wood, seeds and natural stones

Mala or prayer beads are used during chanting Mantras OR chants. The Mala Beads are used in proper manner with human breathing & chanting (Mantras). Use of Malas or Mala Beads is said to be for greater concentration and calming down the floating mind. While we chant a name of GOD (no matter which religion and belief you follow) or any spiritual verse repeatedly, keeping the thoughts of the Devine, malas keep our conscience still and prevent mind wondering in other thoughts. Malas are mostly used during Japa OR Mantra meditation. Enhance calmness and a positive frame of mind.

A full mala has 108 beads plus one Sumeru or Guru bead. The mala is held using the right hand thumb and middle finger starting from first bead from sumeru. The index finger should not touch the mala. With each chanting/verse one bead is rolled in using the thumb and each bead is passed through the finger and thumb. Chanting is said either silently, quietly or out loud. It is repeated until Guru bead is reached, thus you finish one round of mala and 108 times of chanting. The Mala is reversed and the process goes on until the Guru bead is reached again. Some use wrist bracelets with 27+1 beads. They repeat four times to complete 108 Nama or Japa.

Yoga and Meditation always help in individuals overall growth and prosperity. It increases clear thikning and caurage in the body and mind of the practiceners. It's obvious and natural process, if mind remains in controlled condition it will manifest many good thinking and execute them equally. So it is evident and proven, mind power plays crucial role in any person's growth.

Yoga and meditation shape our body and mind. While Yoga keeps our body flexible, toned, healthy and powerful at the same line Meditation keeps our mind connected, focused, concentrated and comprehensive. Mind attain tremendous power to manifest landmarks in your life.

Rosewood Meditation Mala Beads

Rosewood Meditation Beads

  • Rose Mala is a precious thing in the stride of spiritual growth.
  • Improve the circulation and strengthen the aura by regular use.
  • This mantra beads is finely polished with deep ruddy brow resinous layers, makes it smooth
  • You will find repeating affirmations and habituating good virtues on practicing the Japa Mala
  • Rosewood beads is belived to be repelling the negative energy.
  • High quality and low price is fetching a good responses from customers around world.
USD$ 7.00

Tiger Eye - Stone Meditation Mala Beads - Rosary

tiger eye rosary

  • Tiger Eye mala bead are realy powerful meditation tools.
  • On polishing it resembles an eye of a tiger, it's elegant and potential is enormous.
  • If sported, its is believed, it can protect you from harms, negetive energy.
  • It promotes prosperity and good lucks, induce courage and confidence.
  • Yoga and meditation help growth our body and mind, Elements like Tiger Eye malas act like helping tools
  • It is link with Manipura Chakra (Navel / Solar Plexus), promotes good digestion and absorption.
  • It deters and take off black magic and negetive influences, as we have seen many unexplained thing.
  • 108+1 beads, bead size 5.5-6.5 mm apprx and length 14.2" or 36 cms apprx.
USD$ 16.00

Sandalwood / Chandan Mala Beads - Sandal's cooling, soothing and aroma is best known

Sandalwood Mala beads with 8-9mm each

  • Sandal's aroma is mild and pleasant and really smooth and soothing.
  • Induces Calmness and Tranquility, it's cooling and medicinal nature is not unknown.
  • Boost positive frame of mind and retract mind from outer world.
  • Increase the stability of mind during Meditation process with mantras.
  • Sandalwood rosary unfolds vibrant energy and gives strength and willpower to the wearer.
  • Apart from Meditaion you can wear this as style statement.
  • 108+1 beads, each bead size 7-8mm approx and 14.5” / 38 CMS approx in length.
USD$ 10.00
5-6mm beads and knots

More details about Sandalwood Mala beads

Used as a great aid to meditation and believed to attract positive subtle vibrations. Brings you peace and sanity prayer.

Smooth and soothing fragrance of original sandalwood malas creates a tranquil environment for Japa Meditation OR Mantra Meditation. Sandal has cooling and therapeutic effect on body, balances pitta dosha, boost calmness and positive frame of mind. Chandan has many medicinal value and transmits energy to the user.

Rosary or mala of 108 + 1 beads of sandalwood, 5-6 mm, 14.5” length with knots between beads

USD$ 11.00

Tulsi Mala Beads - Made of wood of Tulsi plant whcih each and every parts has medicinal value

Tulsi japa malas - tulsiwood mala beads

  • Like our other Mala beads it too good for Japa Meditation and prayer.
  • Tulsi is a complete medicinal plant having very wide theraputic uses, starting from root to leaf.
  • Unarguably the most used plant in Ayurveda or Herbal-medicines.
  • It is used illness starting from cold to infection,from immune to body stamina,from skin-apply to oral-intake.
  • It has high anti-oxidant properties.
  • Scientists have detected it's property to negates the fatal effects of radiation. Can be used by patients who undergo chemotherapy.
  • From meditation aspect, considering it's holiness, mind automatically inclined to meditative desire.
USD$ 7.45

Rudraksha Mala beads - The legend of malas

Rudraksha Rosary

  • Seeds of Rudraksha tree are brownish red and wrinkled appearance.
  • PancMukhi Rudraksha(Panc=five + Mukha=faces separated by grooves) are used in Malas.
  • Many mystic and craze about this japamalas with spiritual and astrological significance.
  • Associated to Heart Chakra, helps lower blood pressure and brings stability to mind.
  • Although it is used in all type of Mantra / Chanting, grater relevance in Lord Shiva Mantras.
  • it is believed to be a good omen and a talisman for vibrant health - helps bringing positive changes in wearer.
  • Available in 108+1 beads- bead size 8-9mm and 54+1 beads bead size 11-12mm (repeated twice to complete 108 names) malas.
USD$ 11.00